Mission Statement

The Controller Information Systems Division assures that accurate and timely information is available to all users of the County's Integrated Financial and Administrative Solution (IFAS) software by providing customer support through training, upgrades to applications, process improvements, Help Desk assistance and managerial support to resolve complex technical problems and enhance management information tools.

Services Provided

The Controller’s Information Systems Division continually improves and maintains the County’s financial accounting system (IFAS). The Division trains 200 IFAS users annually, to help ensure that the system is used efficiently and effectively while reducing potential errors. The Division ensures IFAS is available for use during business hours. It also evaluates risk and takes steps to maintain and strengthen internal system controls. To streamline financial workload, new or updated business processes are implemented, such as providing financial data in the County's Open Data Portal to enhance transparency and reduce costs associated with fulfilling Public Records Act requests. The Division manages and reviews all costs associated with maintaining the functionality of IFAS to identify and implement cost reduction opportunities.