Mission Statement

The Payroll Division provides timely and accurate preparation, distribution and reporting of payroll for County departments and special districts to ensure that employees are paid correctly and Federal and State reporting requirements are met.

Services Provided

The Payroll Division provides a range of biweekly payroll services to 6,600 active employees that work in the County, Superior Courts and four (4) special districts. The primary responsibilities are to:

  • Ensure payroll procedures and reports meet all legal requirements.
  • Develop and establishes controls for payroll processing.
  • Maintain configuration for our payroll and timekeeping systems.
  • Audit timesheet entries and payroll and absence (time & leave) adjustments.
  • Process, record and track SDI and Workers’ Comp integrated payments.
  • Set up, calculate and remit to various carriers the payroll deductions such as garnishments, levies, union dues, credit union, and charitable contributions.
  • Process and submit payroll taxes such as Social Security Tax and Federal and State withholding.
  • Process through our payroll system benefit deductions and retirement contributions.
  • Enroll employees into the Direct Deposit program.
  • Prepare and process all quarterly and annual tax returns as required by the Federal and State government.
  • Prepare year-end W-2s for nearly 8,800 active and terminated employees.