Mission Statement

The Property Tax and Special Accounting division manages the key aspects of the property tax process which require that 1) the property taxes payable by each taxpayer are accurately calculated, 2) property taxes collected are accurately distributed to taxing agencies and 3) any overpayment of taxes is refunded in a timely manner. In fulfilling these responsibilities, the Division assures that the County complies with the necessary legal requirements while processing transactions in a timely manner as part of its commitment to superior customer service.

Services Provided

The Property Tax and Special Accounting Services division:

  • calculates the tax rates
  • calculates the tax bills
  • calculates revisions to tax bills
  • apportions and distributes property tax revenue
  • prepares tax refunds
  • maintains documentation for property tax apportionment
  • prepares reports to the State and local taxing agencies
  • works closely with local taxing agencies to assist with their financial stability
  • reconciles the County's property tax bank accounts
  • is the staff to the Countywide Oversight Board that oversees the wind-down of the former Redevelopment Agencies
  • provides accounting services for certain special districts
  • prepares and issues the annual Property Tax Highlights publication, which provides information on the property tax administration process and the distribution of property taxes for the fiscal year
  • prepares and issues the annual Property Tax Rate Book, which lists the assessed values of the local taxing agencies and all of the tax rates within the County